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The Office of Veteran Services at Virginia Tech helps coordinate your educational benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The process varies slightly depending on your alloted benefits and if the benefits are transferred to a spouse or dependent, but here is the general timeline.

There are links to information below for specific chapters and those who are transferring benefits.

  1. The veteran needs to apply for benefits through Veterans Affairs. Paper forms also are available through the Office of Veteran Services.
  2. After approval, the Department of Veterans Affairs will mail a certificate of eligibility. This process typically takes 30-45 days so plan accordingly to make sure you get your benefits on time.
  3. Please send a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to the Office of Veteran Services. 
  4. Register for classes. Be sure to only sign up for classes that are required for your degree as the VA will not pay for classes that are not required. If you aren't sure, ask your advisor.
  5. Complete the VA Enrollment Certification Form, which is available on Hokie Spa. This must be completed every semester or benefits can not be certified. Please complete the form at least 45 days prior to a semester due date.

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