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Chapter 1606: Reservists and National Guard Members

The information below outlines the steps you will need to complete to begin utilizing Reserve and National Guard education benefits.

Step 1: Apply for Benefits
For National Guard / Reserve members actively drilling with their units: Once your initial training is complete, you will receive a form DD2384-1 Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE). After receiving form DD2384-1, you must apply for benefits. Go to, Select "Apply for Education Benefits" then answer the questions under "Find your Education Benefits Form". You will be routed to form 22-1990. Complete this form and submit. The VA will process your request in about 30-45 days. When applying, make sure to give the VA your banking information for direct deposit, provide a good mailing address for the VA to send a COE, list Virginia Tech as your place of attendance, and list your intended major if known.  

Step 2: Submit COE to Virginia Tech
The veteran will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in the mail after applying for education benefits. Once the COE is received, please provide a copy of this letter to the Virginia Tech Office of Veteran Services by mail, email, or in person.  

Step 3: Register for Classes
Most new freshman and transfer students will register for classes during summer orientation. Be sure to register only for classes that are required for your degree. The VA will not pay for classes that are not required!

Step 4: Complete VA Enrollment Certification Form
The "VA Enrollment Certification Form" is an online form found on the student's Hokie Spa. After registering for classes, complete and submit this form to use VA benefits. This form must be completed every semester a student wants to utilize benefits, and must be redone within 7 days of every change of enrollment, i.e., add, drop, or withdrawal during the semester. Benefits will not be certified if this form is not completed. We urge students to complete this form at least 21 days prior to the semester bill due date!

Step 5: 1606 Monthly Verification
You must verify your enrollment to the VA on the last day of each month and the last day of the semester. You will not receive your VA payment until you have verified your attendance. You can verify your attendance via W.A.V.E or by calling 1-877-823-2378

1606 Payment Information

Chapter 1606 payments are made directly to the student and based on level of enrollment (i.e. full-time vs. part-time). View current Chapter 1606 payment rates. View Virginia Tech enrollment status by credit hours.

Tuition Assistance

  • Federal tuition assistance (Reserve units) is not authorized for use while utilizing Chapter 1606. To use federal tuition assistance, use of 1606 must be discontinued.
  • State tuition assistance (Guard units) is authorized for use in conjunction with Chapter 1606 (up to 8,000 per academic year). There are strict time-lines to apply for and use state T/A. Please consult your unit's education liaison or the resources below for specific details.
    • Semester Application Deadlines for Using State T/A:
      Fall - July 1st
      Spring - November 1st
      Summer - April 1st

Contacts for additional State of Virginia T/A information:

Vicky Kegley, State of Virginia Tuition Assistance Manager
Phone: 434-298-6155

Vivian Moss, Go Army Education Representative
Phone: 434-298-6329