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We want our veterans, military service members, and their family members who are using VA benefits to feel like Virginia Tech is welcoming and an environment where they can thrive. Your first stop should be the Office of Veteran Services, particularly for questions about your benefits. But, we have much more in place to set you up for success.

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Our prospective and current student veterans or students using VA benefits may have a variety of questions as they navigate the college application process and their experience at Virginia Tech. We are here to help. Your first stop should be the Office of Veteran Services. If they can't help, they will help you find the person who can.

Office of Veteran Services
220 Gilbert Place
Blacksburg, VA 24061 (MC 0548)

Isakson & Roe Requirements

Many departments at Virginia Tech provide services designed to meet the academic and learning assistance needs of students. Utilizing these services allows students to meet their full academic potential, helps them plan for future academic and professional endeavors, and eases their eventual transition from the world of academia to the world of work. Select academic support initiatives are noted below and students are encouraged to contact their major/academic department for additional academic support opportunities.

Advising at Virginia Tech is a collaborative process between student and advisor that encourages the student to make responsible academic and career decisions. General information about advising is below and students are encouraged to contact their major/academic department for specific guidance on advising.

Virginia Tech has separate admissions processes for undergraduate and graduate prospective students. Each website offers a wealth of information about expectations, deadlines, and more, plus we've listed some specific contacts within each office for questions that are not answered online.

The university provides numerous avenues for students to address concerns, including offices dedicated to conflict resolution and advocacy, as well as formal and informal processes for resolving academic, procedural, and personal issues.

Virginia Tech offers a wide assortment of financial aid and assistance programs that can be applied towards college expenses. In addition, the Office of Veterans Services assists veterans and dependents in using their VA entitlements by processing VA forms for educational benefits and certifying enrollment to the Department of Veterans Affairs. For information on tuition and fees, please visit the website for the University Bursar.

Virginia Tech places a priority on student wellness. Services for students include medical and counseling facilities, recreational sports and fitness centers, and a health-insurance program for purchase by full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Virginia Tech is committed to promoting, sustaining, and advancing an environment that supports principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and community.  The following offices and programs, among others, offer education and support for individuals and the community.

Virginia Tech is committed to the spirit of community, providing a sense of belonging to our students regardless of their physical location. You too, can experience this unique aspect of our thriving Hokie Nation and reach your educational and career goals with Virginia Tech Online.

Virginia Tech's student veterans are committed to serving one another through peer mentoring, transition assistance, and social support.  

Since 1872, the Corps of Cadets has produced outstanding leaders for the Commonwealth and the Nation. Seven VTCC alumni have earned the Medal of Honor and over 100 of its graduates have been promoted to General and Flag Officer rank.

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