Undergraduates who have academic credits from other institutions of higher education, including community colleges and universities, may submit their transcripts to Virginia Tech for transfer-credit evaluation.  The University Registrar has rules that govern the transfer of credit on a university level. However, some colleges at Virginia Tech have additional policies and procedures regarding transfer credit. Students are responsible for consulting with the transfer coordinator (see below)  in the appropriate college to discuss their plans to transfer credit, and to request information on the college's specific policies and procedures regarding transfer.

It may also be possible to obtain academic credit for training received while in the armed forces. However, each college/department may have individual policies regarding military credit, and may choose to accept it or not at their discretion. Undergraduate applicants desiring credit for military training should contact the transfer coordinator in the college to which they are applying to find out specific policies and details.  Graduate applicants should contact the department to which they are applying.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Anya Work 540/231-8667 awork@vt.edu
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Carolyn Harris 540/231-6415  cjharris@vt.edu
College of Business
Justin Monday 540/231-6602 jmonday5@vt.edu
College of Science
Susan Haymore 540/231-5145 cosadvising@vt.edu
Charlotte Parks 540/231-5145 cosadvising@vt.edu
College of Engineering
Ryan Wagoner (international credit) 540/231-6643 rdw@vt.edu
Alicia Brown (Virginia community colleges ONLY) 540/231-6869 aliciab@vt.edu
Sally Shupe (All U.S. four year colleges, plus community colleges outside of VA) 540/231-6011 sashupe@vt.edu
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
Karen Watson (first point of contact) 540/231-6770 watsonk@vt.edu
Sarah Helwig 540/231-6770 shelwig2@vt.edu
College of Natural Resources and Environment
Stephanie Lang 540/231-5482 slang@vt.edu
University Studies
Contact the UAAC office 540/231-8440


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